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Products availability and deliveries

Dear Customers,

due to the Covid 19 pandemic, international scheduled air transport networks have largely collapsed since March 2020. Now it is getting better day by day. But for some overseas destinations, the available air freight capacities from Europe are still very scarce and the costs for transport have risen considerably. Unfortunately, a full recovery of the situation is not foreseeable. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in establishing alternative processes for a number of non-European destinations, which will lead to significant improvements in shipping.


If you would like to order shipments from countries outside the EU, please use the link below to find out about possible restrictions. The website is continuously updated by DHL.



We do our best to ensure that you receive your orders as quickly as possible and without major delays. Where ever possible we also use DHL Express to make sure you have your puzzles in time.

Another upcoming big problem caused by the pandemic - more and more delivery chains are broken. In some items ranges we are suffering from very limited availability of puzzles. We try our best to update the delivery time as often and as correct as possible.

Unfortunately we often get no or misleading information about delivery times from the raw materials’ suppliers. This may cause wrong or misleading delivery information in the products availability. For any inconvenience this may cause we want to say sorry.


Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

If you wish to receive your puzzles in really economic and safe shipping, DO NOT wait to buy during the last weeks of December, just before Christmas, because, due to the high congestion expected during that period, you will then be forced to request more expensive shipments via Express Couriers.

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